Finance Minister PTR Is In The Receiving End For Allegedly Mentioning Caste Identity Of A Journalist!!

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10 months ago

Tamil nadu finance minister Mr. Palanivel Thiagarajan who has been giving fitting replies to his critics and trolls through the micro blogging social media site, is in the receiving end for allegedly mentioning about the caste identity of a journalist. PTR, while replying to her allegation about “some mega land grab” by one of top leader’s son-in -law, said that it is illogical.


The minister went on to criticize Chandra R Srikanth who is currently working as an editor on Tech in Money Control by saying that it is a usual wage work for a covert agent like her and added “Thread” emoji which is believed to be a sly dig at the journalist’s caste identity.

In a tweet that was uploaded on Wednesday, Chandra R Srikanth uploaded a tweet saying that she met a friend from Chennai recently and claimed that some mega land grab is going on by one of top leader’s son-in-law. She said that any land that is worth more than Rs. 5 crore should be sold to him  through her tweet.

“Met a friend from Chennai recently. Apparently some mega land grab going on by one top leader’s son in law. “You cannot sell any land parcel above 5 crore in Chennai if you dont sell it to this guy” The more things change….” read the tweet of the journalist who worked for ET Now previously.

Here’s her tweet :

The tweet grabbed the attention of Tamilnadu Finance minister Mr. Palanivel Thiagarajan who immediately expressed his denial over the possibility of the illegal land grabbing mentioned by Chandra.

PTR questioned whether the editor has any idea about the prices of lands in Chennai and it is not possible for anyone to buy every land that is worth more than Rs. 5 crore as there are hundreds of them.

Further, PTR went on to criticize Chandra saying that “Such illogical rumour mongering would be shameful for journalist” and added a “thread emoji. “🤦🏼‍♂️Does she have any idea of Chennai property prices? How could ANYONE buy EVERY property over 5 Crore (100s of them)?🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Such illogical rumor-mongering would be shameful for a journalist (allegedly editor now). But usual wage-work for covert agents😷, especially of certain 🧵ilk” read the tweet of the minister.

The tweet left PTR in the receiving end of severe criticism as many believed that the “thread” included by him in his tweet is intended to make a dig at Chandra’s caste. “What a cheap shot. Sir u are still in IT wing mode. All ur money, foreign education foreign job foreign watch… All the perfumes of America cud not sweeten your hate ridden mind. Is caste the reason for her post? You of all people are least suited to indulge in casteism” asked actress Kasthuri in her tweet with many others dropping similar comments questioning the minister.

Check out some of the tweets below :

On seeing the replies, Chandra R Srikanth came up with a separate tweet writing “I went through all your messages on the tweet by PTR, and thank you so much for the support and words of courage 🙏🙏”


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