Finally, The Wax Statue Of Narendra Modi Is Here! However, The Tweets Poking Some Fun At It Are Hilarious!

The social media presence of Narendra Modi is simply phenomenal. Finally, his wax statue in Madame Tussauds is unveiled and is installed in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. True to the selfie addict image of his, the PM is involved in the entire process, right from the start. He has the capability of generating humungous public interest.
As the PM, he was busy thanking the team of Madame Tussauds and the same time, Twitter users took this opportunity of bringing in some fun. Have a look at these reactions! They are just hilarious!

Busy painting Modi Modi Modi on the statue!

Modiji did something which UPA couldn’t !

Now we are 2 of us!

Busy hiding wrinkles!

Gaurav and SRK!

When it didn’t turn out well!

Waxing kar raha hu!

When photoshop license expires!

Kumb ke Mele me bicchde huye!

Tickling his ears!



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