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3 years ago

A recent interaction J Anbazhagan had with a media portal about creating awareness for COVID 19 is doing rounds in social media platforms now. Unfortunately, the interaction turned out to be his last appearance in front of media as he passed away in the morning of 10th June due to COVID 19. In the interview, the politician who looks healthy, making people aware about the norms that should be followed during this pandemic situation. The video is being widely shared with emotional background music and captions across the social media.


“Irrespective of their political standards, People should follow the norms advised by the leaders of political parties during this pandemic situation. Being a surgery patient myself, I know that we must have the immunity power to combat this virus. Lack of immune could cause any disease easily. We should consume food which increases the immune system in our body to omit this COVID 19.” said J Anbazhagan in this interaction.


“People are advised to stay indoors and quarantine themselves to identify the infected persons. If a man manages to stay indoors for 20 long days without any symptoms, it means he hasn’t got infected with the virus yet. So being quarantined is a best way to get rid of this virus” he said “After spending their quarantine period, people should follow the rules implemented by the government such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing etc” he added.

“I am 62 years old now. So far I haven’t witnessed a disease spreading across the world simultaneously. People used to move from one place to another to get rid of diseases but in this case, we couldn’t move anywhere as the virus is causing damage across the world. People who boasted about visiting foreign countries can’t go there for 2 years from now on. In my opinion, it will take at least 1 year for International flights to function.”



“People should follow social distancing till they(Dcotors) find vaccine for this virus. We should be aware while interacting with unknown people, especially with those who coughs and sneezes often.” said Anbazhagan who went on to add that his doctors advised him not to roam around as he was a surgery patient. “As I am a surgery patient myself, my doctors are advising me not to go out often. I am following their words by just spending 1 hour in my office daily. Like that people should be aware and should save themselves from this virus. We can omit this virus only by saving our own selves” J Anbazhagan said in his last interaction with media.

Watch the video here :

During this pandemic situation, Anbazhagan was actively involved in doing service for the people in his constitution. Representing the Chepauk-Triplicane Assembly constituency, he actively took part in relief work during the lockdown period. Now, his demise due to C0VID 19, has required his fellow party members and workers to be more cautious than before.


J Anbazhagan went through a liver transplant surgery in London 25 years ago and it is highly believed that it made his health challenging. Sources revealed that Anbazhagan had other health complications related to liver and Kidney. He was admitted to hospital on June 2 over “severe acute respiratory distress” and had tested positive for COVID-19 at the time.

In a statement today, the private hospital Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre, which treated him said: “The COVID 19 pneumonia rapidly deteriorated early this morning. In spite of full medical support including mechanical ventilation at our COVID facility he succumbed to his illness.”

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