Filmmaker Slammed Netflix For The Contents They Are Making In India !!

Independent filmmaker Leena Manimekalai who recently released her film “Maadathy” at an OTT platform named Neestream in pay per view method, came up with a tweet slamming Netflix for the contents they are making in India. She accused the online streaming platform of becoming brahminical and a “sucker” to brands when it comes to making contents in India. Her recent film “Maadathy” was was highly appreciated by fans who watched it with critics praising the film for the strong content it displayed.



Uploading one of the posters of Netflix’s recently released anthology film “Navarasa”, Leena tagged the official twitter handle of Netflix and questioned whether they remember how they started 10 years ago. She wanted the film producing platform to remember how they went to Sundance film festival to acquire films. She said that they were investing in films and filmmakers who pushed films as an art form to new horizon and went on to express her displeasure over how they are making contents in India.

Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai


The filmmaker accused Netflix of becoming “Brahminical” in India, a “sucker” for brands and market forces. She felt bad to witness how wasted Netflix had become and vented her emotion out by writing “Hello @netflix Do u remember how you started 10 years ago?U went to Sundance to acquire films.U invested on films & filmmakers who pushed film as an artform to new horizon.U’d some bones. In India, U became brahminical,a sucker to brands & marketforces. Sad to C how wasted U ‘re!” in her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :

“Navarasa” is an anthology film that consists 9 films, directed by different filmmakers and performed by different actors with Mani ratnam’s “Madras Talkies” producing it. Priyadarshan, Karthik Subbaraj, Vasanth, Arvind Swami, Bejoy Nambiar, Karthick Naren, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Sarjun KM, Rathindran R are the filmmakers and Summer 92, Peace, Payasam, Roudhram, Edhiri, Project Agni, Guitar kambi Mele Nindru, Thunitha Pin, Inmai are their respective projects.

Prior uploading the tweet, Leena also wrote a couple of tweets expressing her frustration over particular portions of films such as “Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru” and “Summer of 92”. “When you meet a woman and she says exactly the things your mother says, you know you’re a goner, hook, line and sinker.” Gautham menon, stop selling bullshit as romance. Freud is cringing in his grave.” her tweet about the Gautham menon directorial read.


“Shame on you, Netflix, What a hypocrisy. You play BIPOC friendly, Social Justice keenly in Amerikas and play Casteist in Indias” she said in her tweet after addng a dialogue from Priyadarshan’s movie.

“All your #BlackLivesMatter politics you do in Amerikas is a farce when you play a brahmin in Indias
@NetflixIndia @netflix #NavarasaFilms”
read the other tweet of Leena.


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