Female Student Raised Complaint Against Her HOD!!

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3 weeks ago

Female Student who is studying Phd at the Surandai Arts College which is located at Tenkasi district, Tamilandu has raised a complaint against the faculty who is working as her Head of the Department, to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu through a letter and the news is grabbing headlines across the state. The Female Student alleged that the faculty named Ajith is sexually harassing her and sought help in completing her course by serving him legal punishment.

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In the Surandai government college, the complainant who is a student in the department of Commerce, is pursuing her doctoral research currently. A professor who was guiding her in completing her course, got transferred and went to another college, according to reports.


However, the female student continued to do her research in the same college. In the meantime, several complaints based on female students being sexually harassed has been surfacing, against Commerce Department HOD Mr. Ajith, says the reports.

Ajith reportedly harassed students in the research room and used distasteful double meaning words to disturb students mentally. He also disconnected the power supply and closed the research room while students are doing their work inside.

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Going by the complaint letter which is doing rounds in social media, the victim wrote “PK Ajith, Commerce Department HOD has been sexually harassing me for the past 7 months. By sitting inside the research room, he is harassing us by uttering double meaning words and distasteful comments. He directly approached me and asked me to abide his orders and threatened me saying that I cannot complete my research without his help” in her complaint.

“I’m mentally disturbed due to his activities. He disconnects the power supply of our room and closing the door after that. If ask his signature for NOC, he says that he won’t sign it without me obeying his words and even asked me to make a complaint to whomsoever I want” the complaint letter reads.

Here’s the complaint letter of the student :


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“Let me complete my research and save me from PK Ajith and also initiate severe action against him in order to save other female students from him” she requested through the complaint. The complaint caused huge outrage among the locality and an investigation is expected to take place regarding the same soon.

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