Female Professor Terminated For Uploading Bikini Picture In Instagram !! University Demanded Rs. 99 Crore From Her

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-10
21:23 IST

In a shocking turn of events, a female professor was forced to quit for uploading a bikini picture of herself in her Instagram handle. It has been reported that the action was initiated against her after a father of a student made a complaint to the management of St Xavier’s University. Apart from losing job, the professor was asked to pay Rs. 99 crore for damaging the reputation of the college.

However, the professor claimed that her account is private and the pictures were uploaded years ago as an Instagram story and she has no clue how the student or the university got access to her account. She filed a petition with the Calcutta high court against her sacking by the university.


The issue has caused intense debate in social media platforms over the university taking action against the professor instead of questioning the alleged hacking of her account and how a woman’s private photo from a locked profile ended up in the hands of an undergraduate student. The professor, reportedly said that either someone had hacked her account or someone who has access to her profile took a screenshot of the photo and circulated it, which would come under sexual harassment.

In his complaint to the university, the student’s father had wrote “Recently, I was appaled to find my son looking at some pictures of professor where she has posed in a sexually explicit way causing deliberate public exposure”

Further, he said “To look at a teacher dressed in her undergarments uploading pictures in social media is utterly shameful for me as a parent, since I have tried to shield my son from this kind of gross indecency and objectification of the female body. It is obscene, vulgar and improper for an 18 year old student to see his professor dressed in scanty clothes exhibiting her body on a public platform” through his complaint letter to the university.


In response, the professor, while talking to media, had said that the pictures were uploaded before she joined the university, that too as an Instagram story, a feature that makes the photo or video disappear in 24 hours. “I joined the university in August. I had uploaded photos in a swimsuit before joining university which is legally not wrong” she said.

“There were two pictures of me in a blue swim suit taken in my room, which I had posted as an Instagram story last year, several months before joining the university. There was no way those could still be accessible since an Instagram story, by default, is live for only 24 hours. Moreover, my Instagram handle is private, not public” the professor said in her police complaint.

“It isa mystery to me how the university accessed those pictures. The only way in which such Instagram stories can be accessed by other parties is by hacking or if someone took screenshots of the pictures when they had been posted and subsequently circulated them” her complaint further read.


The university, reportedly formed a committee and investigated the matter. “I was told to be present in front of the committee set up by the University. They showed me my photos, they had already taken print outs of my photos without my permission. They asked me whether those were my pictures and If I was aware how those images could affect students?” the professor recalled.

The professor also said that the VC of the university threatened to file an FIR against her during the one-on-one interaction. “When I sent them legal letter seeking clarifications, they asked for an unconditional apology and slapped a defamation case worth Rs. 99 crore” the professor said.

“Which rule did I violate ? Why didn’t they do social media evaluation before hiring me ??” the professor asked and said that the university is not revealing the identity of the father-son duo as they are “customers” to them.


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