Female Doctor Forced Her Husband To Watch Po*n !! Things Went Completely Wrong

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CM / Updated: 2020-02-06
13:23 IST

The vast development in the usage of digital media by large number people leads to several issues, though it helps people to interact with the society easily. We have seen social media causing marital disputes but in this recent case, a couple got separated due to addiction in porn films. The doctor wife compelled her husband to watch porn films to imitate the actors in it.


A 32 year old doctor who forced her husband to watch porn films in order to re-enact the scenes of it, is in deep trouble now. To everyone’s shock, the 33 year old husband who belongs to Uttar Pradesh happened to see a porn film in which his wife featured. The couple who hails from different states are currently residing in East Bengaluru. They got married in the year 2018.


The reports of various news portals suggests, that the woman informed her husband before marriage that, in past, she got involved in a relationship with a man but they parted their ways. The husband who didn’t care about her past, was leading a happy life with his wife compelling him to watch porn online.


Days passed, the husband who didn’t complain about his wife’s strange desire of imitating porn films, got shocked while discovering a video clip on her phone in which she was seen involved in a compromising position with a man. The woman claimed that it was an old video ang the guy who featured in it was her former boyfriend. She said that he blackmailed her with the clip and said that she was keeping the video if it was required to produce in any kind of situation in future. Being unhappy about what he found, the husband consoled his wife and asked her to move on.

Depressed man

Now, two weeks ago, the poor man came across a porn video that contained his wife involving in a sexual relationship with another man. Frustrated husband, questioned his wife about it which resulted in admitting that she was involved in several relationships in the past. However, she couldn’t find how the video took place in the porn site.


The man now started living separately. The woman has approached Police commissioner officer’s Parihar family counselling centre to resolve the issue to save her marriage life. Considering the woman’s complaint, BS Saraswathi, senior officer at the centre brought the separated couple in person. The husband wished to get separated from his wife permanently as she didn’t reveal about her past entirely before the marriage. The man even said that his wife his addictive to watching porn.

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