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Farina Azad Replied To Her Followers Who Advised Her To Stop Showing Her Stomach



Farina Azad Replied To Her Followers Who Advised Her To Stop Showing Her Stomach

The Vijay tv Bharathi Kannama serial fame, Venba has inspired many people. Even the character Venba is villainous people adore her in real life. 31-year old Farina Azad is a Video Jockey (VJ) cum actress who has answered many questions asked to her through her Instagram story. 

Farina Azad has anchored few shows such as Oru Nimidam Please, Showreel, Kollywood uncut, Kitchen Galatta, Cinema Special, Celebrity Interview, and Anjarai Petti in Puthu Yugam, Zee Tamil, and Star Vijay. She had acted as the character Nivedhitha in the serial Azhagu on Sun tv and as Vaani in the serial Thari in Colors Tamil. She had participated as a contestant in the show “Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai” along with her husband Rahman Ubaidh.


Currently, she is acting as the character Venba in the Star Vijay tv serial ‘Bharathi Kannama’. With more than 9 lakh followers, Farina Azad is very much active on her Instagram page. She regularly posts photos, videos, stories,  IGTV, and reels on her Insta page.  

Farina Azad is currently eight months carrying. Being an eight-month pregnant woman, she still goes for shooting which makes many women inspire her. She is actively sharing her pregnancy photographs on her Instagram page. Check below for her recent pregnancy pictures. 

On the 28th of August 2021, Farina Azad has posted a story asking anything mentioning ‘Throw yours!’. Obivisioly with more than 9 lakh followers she would have got many questions in reply to her story. And she replied to some of the questions her followers queried her. Those questions were about her personal life, pregnancy, career and a few were funny as well as controversial questions. 



One question was about how she manages her family relatives being an actress coming from a Muslim family. Here is what Farina replied inspiring others, “I don’t mind relatives! They are left only for judging us and commenting at the back!! Lets ignore negativity n move on!”


Commenting on Farina’s recent pregnancy photoshoot, someone stated, “Watch the eyes. Stop showing stomach.” To which she answered, “Nothing can be done when we have a good vibe and positive aura around us!”


A pregnant woman asked aren’t afraid of the labour as days passes. Farina calmly responded, “Why bayam! We should be mentally n physically ready for the pain. Chill its going to be really easy!” And even wished the pregnant woman a “Happy labour.” 


A question was asked what others say about her leaving for shooting and photoshoot. To which farina said, “Mathavanga enna sonna enna! Its your life! Ignore ‘mathavanga’” 



Someone queried, “Do you pray 5 times a day?” Farina Azad funny replied, “I do yoga every day!!”


The character Venba in the serial Bharathi Kannama is very much evil. Almost everybody dislikes her evil character in the serial. But that is only in reel life not in real life. People do really adore Farina. Even the people who hate Venba in the serial will never resist loving Farina in real life. Her positivity inspires a lot of women especially those carrying mothers. 

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