Vijay TV Removed The Particular Part From “Cooku With Comali” Show After Receiving Backlash From Fans ??


The most loved “Cooku with Comali” show came under scanner after a number of twitter users expressed their disappointment over a particular part which took place in the hotstar cut of one of the recent episodes contained homophobic slur. The makers who removed the particular part while telecasting it in Television, is expected to remove it soon from the online streaming space.

The reality show “Cooku with Comali” which became a huge hit, demands a seasoned cook to join hands with a comedian to make delicious food items in order to impress the judges of the show. The show became a huge hit among the Television and Internet audience which resulted in the makers inaugurating the second season of it in no time. Not only the ladies, even youngsters including college, school students started celebrating the show as it mainly concentrates on providing humour unlike other cookery shows.

Though the show is being received by the mainstream audience in a positive way, few aspects of it didn’t go well with a set of people who are pointing their finger at the humours being made in the show based on body, gender. Now, a particular part from one of the recent episodes grabbed the attention of the Twitter users as it contained homophobic slur.

The video which is doing rounds in social media platforms shows Pugazh sitting in a “confusion” room which is a parody of Bigg Boss show’s “confession” room. The aspiring comedy actor could be seen interacting with a voice that imitates the voice of Bigg Boss. At one point, when the voice says that Pugazh is looking so cute that even men will fall in love with him, a voice of Vadivelu saying “Avana nee” was added in order make people laugh.

Watch the video below :

On seeing people who belong to LGBT community getting humiliated in this way in a show that is being watched by public, many twitter users came up with reactions condemning the creators of “Cooku with Comali”. A twitter user came up with a tweet saying that the team of CWC were involved in doing sexist, body shaming and gender based humours in the show and now also made a homophobic slur by adding the audio.

Many others who got emotionally hurt came up with tweets and reactions condemning the usage of the Vadivelu dialogue from the 2004 film “Gambeeram” :

The makers have removed the part while telecasting the episode in Television but it is still being featured in the hotstar version and the internet users are expecting the channel management or CWC team to remove it soon to stop normalising LGBT people getting humiliated in a most effortless way.


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