Fans Got Upset Over Messi For Stopping Croatia Model From Keeping Her Promise!!

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4 months ago

A promise made by former Miss Croatia named Ivana Knoll about going naked if her team enters the finals, is no longer valid as the Messi-led Argentina team crashed team Croatia in the semi finals. Many fans were upset over the world famous footballer for preventing Ivana from keeping her promise.

The controversial model has been making headlines for her seriously revealing outfits in the ongoing FIFA 2022 world Cup that is taking place in Qatar. She rose to fame initially after making her presence in the previous world cups among the crowd.


Her fashion choices are all inspired by the iconic red and white checks of her native Croatia. However, fans were afraid over the fact whether she would get arrested for showing off so much skin. In Qatar, tourists are not expected to dress like the locals but they were asked to cover their shoulders, upper arms and legs.

Despite the warnings, Ivana made the promise of getting fully naked if her teams enters the finals and wins the world cup. While speaking to a German media last week, the actress was asked how she would react if her team Croatia wins the title. Responding to the question, she who was wearing a regional flag at that time, said “If that happens, the flag falls… ”


However, her promise is not going any further as Croatia lost to Argentina in the semi finals and got eliminated from the tournament.

“We will never forgive you Messi, never” an ardent follower of the game said based on the incident whereas another said “Messi Hurt The Whole Nation, Unlucky 🤣😅🤣”

Check out some of the reactions below :

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