Fans Attacking Jimmy Neesham For Mentioning About India’s Population !!


Fans of Indian cricket team attacking New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham after he mentioned about the population of country India while replying to a fan who said that India vaccinated twice the population of New Zealand in one single day. Many got offended by the tweet of the cricketer and started attacking him through the comment section.

It all started when Jimmy tried to create awareness on getting vaccinated. Reacting to a tweet of a reporter, Jimmy wrote “Getting vaccinated keeps you out of hospital. Full stop. #GetVaccinated” in his tweet. Here’s his tweet :

Replying to this post, an Indian online user whose twitter handle reads “Raghavendra”, replied with a tweet saying “Are there enough vaccines in NZ?”to which Jimmy replied back “Shipments arrive weekly so it’s a balancing act between jabbing as many people as possible without overshooting before the next order arrives”

Here’s his reply :

“India vaccinated twice the population of NZ in one single day.” replied another Vishal and Jimmy replied to his tweet saying “I would bloody hope so, you’ve got about 200 times more people” and added a laughing emoji.

The way he tweeted with the laughing emoji irked many of the Indian fans which is evident through the comment section. “And those 200 times more people pays you in ipl” a fan commented whereas another said “Yes Jimmy we have a country that 500 times bigger too.”. Meanwhile, many others lauded Jimmy for providing a perfect reply for Vishal.

Check out some of the reactions :


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