Famous Tamil Anchor Welcomed Zomato Owner’s Tweets !! Got Trolled

Popular Television anchor Sumanth Raman who is known for presenting sports shows, welcomed the tweet uploaded by Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato and got trolled by Mannargudi MLA Dr. T.R.B Raaja, actress kasthuri Shankar and many other users of Twitter. He encouraged the decision of Deepinder reinstating the call centre agent who made her personal opinion to a customer and also agreed to the statement of the Zomato founder who believed that the people of our country should increase their tolerance level.


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Deepinder Goyal

It all started when a customer named Vikas tried to get his refund after finding an item missing in the order he made. A call centre agent cited language barrier as an issue and made a personal opinion on why everyone in India should learn Hindi language, a “little” bit. Agitated Vikas captured the screen shot of his chat and uploaded it in his twitter handle which blew up across the country. It led to a twitter trending of hashtag “Reject Zomato”.

Hours after the issue made headlines, Zomato came up with a public note, apologizing to Vikas for what happened and announced that the employee is fired. However, Deepinder Goyal founder of the food delivery app, came up with a tweet commenting on the “tolerance” level of people in our country. He who felt the employee is young and still learning, reinstated her. The tweet stirred controversy again as many people who belong to the Tamil speaking state felt that Deepinder didn’t understand the whole context of the issue.


In his post, Deepinder said that it is not should be the lone reason to terminate the employee and said that it is something she can learn and do something better about going forward. He also informed public that the call centre agents of his company are young and are currently at the starting at the start of their learning curves and careers. Deepinder said that they are not experts in regional sentiments and languages and included himself in that category.

Sumanth Raman

“Having said that, we should all tolerate each other’s imperfections. And appreciate each other’s language and regional sentiments. Tamil Nadu – we love you. Just as much as we love the rest of the country. Not more, not less. We are all the same, as much as we are different.” he added in his tweet which is going viral.

Check out his tweets below :

This tweet from Deepinder created huge outrage among the Tamil nadu based twitter users who started confronting the Zomato founder. “It is not about regional sentiments. It’s about not imposing the language and not judging or lecturing people. Btw don’t give lecture on tolerance to us.” a twitter user replied with many others reacting in a similar way. Thiruvaiyaru MLA Durari Chandrasekhar reacted to Deepinder by questioning him on how difficult it is for him to take responsibility on what happened.

Among the many who confronted Deepinder for his tweet, Sumanth Raman uploaded a tweet welcoming him. “Well said and well done by reinstating the employee” his tweet read.

MLA TRB Raaja, Actress Kasthuri and many others condemned Sumanth for his tweet supporting Deepender. Check out some of their tweets below :


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