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Famous Award Winning Singer Criticized Rajinikanth For Romancing At The Age Of 71 !!

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Famous Award Winning Singer Criticized Rajinikanth For Romancing At The Age Of 71 !!

Thodur Madabasi Krishna who is popularly known as T.M Krishna, in his recent tweett, criticized Kollywood Super star Rajinikanth for not being socially responsible while acting in his recently released film “Annatthe”. He felt it disturbing to see him romance in the age of 71 while actors such as Meena and Khushbu were supposed to act their real age. The vocalist found the dialogues that took place in the Siva directorial as horrible as well.


T.M Krishna, an Indian Carnatic vocalist, writer, activist, author who received Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 2016 for his forceful commitment as artist and advocate to art’s power to heal India’s deep social divisions, breaking barriers of caste and class to unleash what music has to offer not just for some but for all, seemingly watched Rajinikanth’s recently released “Annatthe” on Wednesday and expressed his displeasure over many aspects of the film.

“Annatthe” released on theatres across the world on the special occasion of “Diwali” festival with much expectations. Fans of the actor who didn’t get satisfied with his previous film “Darbar” were eagerly waiting for the film to get released. However, as soon as getting released, the film started receiving mixed reviews from the fans. Many said that the film didn’t work due to its slow pace and the old school brother-sister sentiment. However, Super star Rajinikanth’s screen presence and energy got admired by is fans.


The Siva directorial revolves around “Kaalaiyan” who is the president for a number of villages in a rural part of Tamil nadu. Sky is the limit for the amount of affection he has for his sister, played by Keerthy Suresh. She gets eloped with her boy friend after nodding “yes” to her affectionate brother who fixes an alliance for her. She happily lives in Kolkata after marrying her boyfriend until villain enters to illegally control her firms. Rest of the film relies on the struggles faced by Thanga Meenakshi (Rajinikanth’s sister role played by Keerthy Suresh) and how Kaalaiyan destroys the villain and his aides.

Despite of the decent plot and star studded casting, the slow paced screen play and cliched sentiment scenes tested the patience of audience. Almost all the reviewers of Kollywood film industry criticized the film for the weak plot. Now, acclaimed musician TM Krishna came up with a series of tweets, criticizing the flawed aspects of the film.

Krishna said that he could grasp what he was as soon as getting into the film for 30 minutes and went on to say that it feels “Disgusting”. “For all the spiritual gyan, this man has zero social, ethical consciousness. It is also disturbing to see him prance around romancing at 71 while actors such as Kushbu and Meena have to act their age! That we find this acceptable is worse” Krisna said through his tweet.


T.M Krishna

“Misogyny and the inability see its violent manifestations in word, action and thought cuts across caste, gender, race, ethnicity and religion. A Tamilnadu politician told me, politicians don’t recognise sexual harassment as a problem. Well! We know why” he further added. Replying to a follower of him, Krishhna also expressed his frustration over how female leads are objectified in the film.

Check out his tweets below :



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