Famous Meme Page Admin Committed Suicide ?? Tamil Internet Mourns

Followers of famous Instagram meme page “Just the dank bro” are mourning after the admin of the page reportedly committed suicide. It is said that the last post he uploaded in his page, hinted about the decision he made about his life as a result of which the comments under the post are filled with condolences. Posts about mental health and checking our loved ones every now and then are surfacing in online platforms after the meme page admin who is believed to be a teenager took his own life.


“Just The Dank Bro” is one of the pioneers for the dank memes in Tamil memeΒ  community. Having more than 60,000 followers, 302 posts has been uploaded through the page which are all dank memes and shit posts. In the wee hours of Wednesday, the page runner uploaded a 15 seconds long clip from the animated series “Death note”, in a way of hinting about his decision.

The clip showed Ryuk, a character from the animated series killing light Yagami, protagonist of the series. “It was good while it lasted. We eased each other’s boredom for quite a while. Well, Light, it’s been interesting” says Ryuk to Light before killing him. Uploading the video, the page admin wrote “Varta.. mama durrr…” as his caption.

Check out his post below :

The post received highest engagement in the page comparing to all the posts that were uploaded. With 3 lakh plus plays, more than 3 thousand online users commented on the post with almost everyone praying for his soul to rest in peace. A twitter user identified the deceased as Michael Benjamin but the facts about the youth’s death and his identity is not known yet.

“Just the Dank was the OG Insta page to inspire dank memes in Tamil community. Shocked to know he is no more. RIP. Suicide is never the solution β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»” a twitter user said whereas another one wrote “Just got to know a meme creator, just_the_dank_bro has passed away. He commited suicide. Depression is not a joke guys, all of us are going thru some shit, seek for help, talk to someone and keep your mind busy. Suicide is never the solution!!! Never!!!”

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