Famous Actor’s Comment On Bride Dancing In Her Marriage Irked Internet!!

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12 months ago

Director G Marimuthu who made films such as “Kannum Kannum”, “Pulivaal” and acted in several films as a supporting actor made a controversial comment on brides dancing in their own marriage and landed in soup. He said that it ruins our culture and also added that a woman’s beauty relies on how she walks beside her man instead of walking ahead of him. He also made an insensitive comment saying that the man being shorter than his woman is pathetic and is facing the wrath of online platforms.


“Anyone can dance in a marriage but the bride shouldn’t is my strongest opinion” Marimuthu said in the interview. “She won’t be a bride if she starts dancing in her own marriage” he said. When the interviewer asked why it bothers him, the actor questioned back “Why should one dress? One can walk around without clothes right?” in the interview.

“Why are you call sister as “sister”? You can call her “aunt” and call you brother as “niece”. Why aren’t you calling them like that?” he further asked. The filmmaker went to say that the beauty of a woman lies on how she walks behind her man.

“If she walks a feet ahead of him, it wouldn’t look nice. A woman’s beauty and bravery depends on how she stays in the shadow of her husband. It is equal to man being shorter than his woman. It would look pathetic” he said in the interview.

“A bride who is about to get married, should be facing the surface is what my idea. She shouldn’t dance in her own marriage. Then what’s the point of tying the knot. We can throw the mangalsutra on herher” Marimuthu said who went on to state that Marriage won’t be existing in the future.

Watch the video below :

This statement from the filmmaker didn’t go well with the users of online medium. Many of the women thrashed the filmmaker for his regressive mindset and called him out for endorsing male chauvinism.

Check out some of the comments below :

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