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CM / Updated: 2019-10-05
20:15 IST

No one will deny the fact that Movie watching is an experience and it should be felt. But nowadays, people who are entering cinema hall are very much interested, not to experience the feel of Movie watching but on exhibiting to their close circle that they have watched the movie.


Actress Gayathri who is known for appearing in films like Super Deluxe, Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kaanom, got irritated by this activity of Tamil cinema audience, expressed her disappointment through her official twitter account.

gayathri 85

In her tweet, Gayathri asked the audience if they are really watching the movie or not. She also added that she wants to go back to the old days where people judged movies with respect to how it made them feel. “Are you really letting yourself experience a movie if you’re sitting and making notes about the BGM, camera work and the acting, dissecting first half, second half? 🙄 I want to go back to the days when we judged a movie by how it made us feel..” she wrote in her tweet.

Check out the tweet she posted below :

This tweet from Gayathri must have surfaced after the several tweets of social media users who posted their opinion about recent releases Joker and Asuran. Many people started giving stars and ratings in their opinion and Gayathri made it clear that she is mentioning the audience not the reviewers while replying to one of her follower.


asuran joker syeraa

“I’m not even talking about critics.. even the audience has started talking like that.. 🤷🤷” she said in her reply to her follower who slammed the reviewers of Kollywood town.

Check out some of the other reactions from her followers :


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