Famous Actress Condemned Karnataka MLA For His Joke On “R*pe” !!

Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar’s outrageous remark on “enjoy rape” in the state assembly caused condemnations from all over the country. Hours after the furore, the senior Congress leader came up with an apology, referring his comment as “indifferent and negligent”. However, many people in social media, including celebrities are calling out the MLA and Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde who laughed at his comment, for the insensitive comment. South actress Pranitha Subash who is known for pairing up with Kollywood stars Suriya and Karthi, came up with tweet, severely condemning the MLA.

The outrageous comment was made during a discussion on farmers issue when speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri questioned how the session can be conducted if time was allotted to everyone.

“Whatever you decide- I will say yes. What I am thinking is that let us enjoy the situation. I can’t control or regulate the system. My concern is about the business of the house, it also has to be covered” the speaker asked. Reacting to this, the senior Congress MLA said “There is a saying when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. Tht is exactly the position which you are in” with others in the state assembly erupting in laughter.

After the comment met with a huge criticism, public came up raising voice against the MLA. In response, the politician came up with a tweet writing “I would like to express my sincere apologies to everyone for the indifferent and negligent comment I made in today’s assembly about “Rape!” My intention was not trivialise or make light of the heinous crime, but an off the cuff remark! I will choose my words carefully henceforth!”

In the state assembly, the congress leader said “If my comment hurts the sentiments of women, I have no problem apologizing. I apologise from the bottom of my heart” and his apology was backed by the speaker. He who was seen laughing at the Congress MLA’s comment, said “He apologised, let’s not drag it further”

Along with the politicians and public, actress Pranitha Subash came up with a tweet condemning the duo. “Such a terrible, terrible thing to say. How can someone even have such a thought? And how does one manage to giggle, trivialise, and laugh it off like it’s nothing? Shameful” the actress asked through her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :


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