Famous Actor Countered Kamal Haasan’s Statement On Raja Raja Chozhan!!

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6 months ago

Actor Raghav who is known for sharing screen space with Aishwarya Rai in Superstar Rajinikanth’s “Enthiran”, came up with a video in his Instagram handle countering Kamal Haasan’s statement about Raja Raja Chozhan and Hindu religion. The actor said that saying Raja Raja Chozhan is not Hindu is equal to branding Mahakavi Bharathiyar and Mahathma Gandhi as the citizens of British government.


After watching “Ponniyin Selvan” movie, Kamal Haasan met the press reporters and answered to their questions. The actor cum politicians lauded the makers of the historical film for pulling off such a project with a star studded cast. He also answered to controversial questions of press reporters which included about the religion of King Raja Raja Chozhan.

“Ponniyin Selvan” is receiving highly positive reviews from fans post release. The dream project of converting “Ponniyin Selvan” book into a film was planned by many leading stars including MGR and Kamal Haasan. The dream is coming true only through the seasoned filmmaker who is known for giving master pieces in the history of Indian cinema. The most awaited trailer and songs of the multi starrer got released in the presence of Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan and Superstar Rajinikanth.

 Almost all the prominent celebrities supported the film during its release time and now, days after the release, Kamal Haasan watched the film in a private screening with Vikram and Karthi and met the press reporters. The actor saying that there was no “Hindu” religion during the times of Raja Raja Chozhan to a question based on the King’s religion grabbed headlines of the media portals across the nation.

When a reported asked a question on that, Kamal said “Hindu religion didn’t exist during the time of Raja Raja Chozhan. They were calling them as “Vainavam”, “Saivam” and “Samanam”. The term “Hindu” was brought by Englishmen upon us” in the media interaction.

Watch the video below :

The statement of the actor caused huge debate across the nation and news channels started conducting debates over it. Now, actor Raghav who is known for acting in few films and a number of television serials, released a video in his Instagram handle.


“Saying that Raja Raja Chozhan doesn’t belong to Hindu religion just because there was no such term is as bizarre as terming Mahathma Gandhi and Mahakavi Bharathi as the citizens of British government as India emerged only since 1947” said Raghav in his video.

Watch the video below :

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