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Fake Forwards Atrocities !! Whatsapp Soon To Be Banned In India !!



Fake Forwards Atrocities !! Whatsapp Soon To Be Banned In India !!

WhatsApp has been the most favorite app of Indians. There are many who just can’t stay without it.

However, one problem which everyone is facing on the platform is “False news”. Yes, this is one issue that needs to be taken care of. Often, we get fake messages on WhatsApp which spread like wild fire.


Government of India has taken this issue very seriously. Earlier, the government had also told the company to have a proper tracking system in place.


However, WhatsApp had refused to do so saying that the privacy would be violated. Moreover, it had said that the security would be hampered to a great extent.

However, Indian Government is disappointed about its request not being accepted. It might take strict action if WhatsApp denies its next request too.

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Now, Ministry of Electronics and IT has warned that if their requirements are not met, they would ban WhatsApp in India. All they need is permission to track the hoax’s origin.


Well, the government needs proper evidence and needs WhatsApp to develop a technology for the same. They also asked WhatsApp to come up with an alternative solution if they can’t compromise on the end to end encryption policy.

Narendra Modi worried

The government officials said if some particular message has caused law order issue after being forwarded numerous times, then it’s a matter of concern.


What do you think? Will WhatsApp develop a technology which Indian government needs?

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