Fake Doctorate Certificates Awarded To Vadivelu, Gopi & Sudhakar??

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4 weeks ago

Fake certificates awarded to celebrities.There are serious allegations of fraud and misrepresentation concerning the issuance of honorary doctorates by Anna University in Chennai, India. According to reports, an organization known as the International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Commission, which is not a university, has purportedly staged a massive fraud by issuing fake doctorate degrees in Anna University’s name.

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Fake certificate awarded for Vadivelu

The awards ceremony, which was held at Anna University, was attended by a host of prominent figures, including music composer Deva, actor Gokul, choreographer Sandy, Erode Mahesh, retired judge Valli Nayagam, and many others. The event was advertised as an award ceremony for the International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Commission, with Anna University’s name prominently displayed on the invitations.

During the ceremony, it is alleged that more than 50 people, including private temple administrators, astrologers, real estate principals, and panchayat councilors, were awarded fake doctorate degrees by the organization in question. Additionally, there are reports that the fraudsters even awarded a doctorate to actor Vadivelu, who did not attend the event to receive the honor in person.

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Fans celebration

It is further alleged that the organizers of the event used a government stamp that is only meant to be used for official government functions, and that they printed the name of retired judge Valli Nayak as a current judge, adding to the misrepresentation. As a result, many attendees were led to believe that they were being awarded legitimate doctorate degrees by Anna University.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the organization issuing the doctorate degrees was not a recognized university, and therefore had no authority to grant such degrees. This has led to concerns that honorary doctorates, once awarded as a recognition of significant contributions to society, are now being sold like commodities, with little regard for their true value.

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Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu

It is particularly worrying that the alleged fraudsters were able to carry out their activities in the name of a human rights organization. There are strict rules and regulations governing the establishment of such organizations, and the fact that the organization in question was not a recognized entity raises serious questions about their motives and legitimacy.

The use of Anna University’s name and facilities in this fraud is also a cause for concern. Anna University is a prestigious institution, and the fact that it was unwittingly involved in this scam is distressing. It is therefore imperative that the authorities investigate this matter thoroughly and take appropriate action against those responsible.

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On award function

It is also important to note that the fraudulent activity took place at a time when there is growing concern about the misuse of honorary degrees. Many universities have been accused of awarding such degrees for financial gain, without proper consideration of the recipients’ qualifications or contributions to society.

The allegations of fraud and misrepresentation surrounding the issuance of honorary doctorates by Anna University are deeply concerning. It is imperative that the authorities conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and take appropriate action against those responsible. Additionally, there needs to be greater scrutiny and regulation of the awarding of honorary degrees, to ensure that they are not being misused or undervalued.

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