Facebook Rolls Out A New Feature Which Is Purely Meant For Your Safety! Check It Out!

A new feature is being rolled out by Facebook for stopping the most creepy behavior happening on the site. With this new tool, people who impersonate others by using profile picture and name would be caught. Then, Facebook will attempt to shut it down.

Facebook wouldn’t allow non-consensual images

New features are also being introduced by the site for stopping people to share non-consensual images of themselves or others online. The main intention is helping stop abuse by giving a right to people to report these inappropriate images that contain themselves. Then, those pictures would be removed and links to resources would be offered to people if they are being harassed or abused.

People would receive notifications

For instance, if a fake person is copying another user’s name or profile picture, an automated alert will be sent to the person who Facebook thinks is genuine. A notification would be sent to a person that Facebook believes is being trolled. Then, the user would confirm whether they are being impersonated genuinely or if there is some mistake on the site.
If the user gives a confirmation of being abused, then the complaint would be reviewed and that account would be taken down.
Reports say that the tool has already reached 75 percent of the accounts.


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