Ex-Girlfriend Blackmailed Already Married Boyfriend With Intimate Pictures!! Check What He Did To Escape

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3 weeks ago

Ex-Girlfriend blackmailed newly-wed man who reportedly ran away from his newly-wed wife due to alleged blackmail from his ex-lover. The incident occurred on March 5 when the couple’s car got stuck in a traffic jam near Pai Layout in the IT corridor of Mahadevapura. The man suddenly opened the car door and fled, leaving his wife in shock.

The man’s family claims that his ex-lover had been blackmailing him, which eventually led to his erratic behavior and decision to run away. The man’s wife reported the incident to the Mahadevapura police the next day, but they have not been able to locate him.


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The man’s family members revealed that his ex-lover had shown suicidal tendencies in the past, which has left them worried about the man’s safety. They fear that he may also take extreme steps due to his depression and anxiety caused by the blackmail.

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It is reported that someone shared the man’s wedding photo with his ex-lover, who then began circulating it on social media. This allegedly caused the man to become depressed and start behaving abnormally. Despite his wife’s assurance, he ran away from the car for unknown reasons.

The man left his mobile phone in the car, and the police have been unsuccessful in locating him. They have reached out to his close friends and family members, but no one has heard from him yet.

The man’s ex-lover has reportedly sent a text message stating that she would not interfere in his married life and would not contact him. However, the police are still investigating the case and trying to locate the man.


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This incident highlights the dangers of blackmail and the devastating impact it can have on individuals’ mental health. The man’s depression and anxiety caused by the alleged blackmail have led to him running away and leaving his newly-wed wife in distress.

It is essential to raise awareness about the harmful effects of blackmail and to provide support to individuals who may be victims of such actions. Additionally, it is crucial to recognize and address the stigma surrounding mental health, which can prevent individuals from seeking help and support when they need it the most.

In conclusion, the man’s disappearance is a cause for concern, and the police and his family members are working together to locate him. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health and the need to address issues related to blackmail and stigma surrounding mental health.

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