“Everyone Inside The House Need Money Badly” First Interview Of Evicted Reshma !! WATCH VIDEO !!

Reshma has become the fifth contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Along with Reshma, Madhumitha, Kavin, Abhirami and Sakshi were also in the danger zone this week.

This eviction comes despite many expecting Sakshi to leave the show given that the audience wasn’t quite happy with the drama she created with Kavin and Losliya. Viewers were apparently getting tired of their love triangle. Host Kamal Haasan had also advised Kavin and Sakshi to get their act together.


After getting evicted, Reshma gave interviews for few media houses. In one of her interview, Reshma revealed how money plays a vital role among the contestants of current Bigg Boss show. Reshma even asked Kavin to pay the college fees of her son during a conversation.

“I calculated to be in this house for 5 weeks to payback my debts, I don’t worry about my eviction hereafter” said Kavin to the housemates as well. Reshma, in her interview, while talking about the financial need of the housemates revealed that even Cheran is in need of money to marry his daughters.


“Half of them inside the house requiring financial stability. Tharshan who left his computer job for this game show is in need of financial stability and he even left his country for it. Mugen’s story will make us cry. Almost everyone in the house are from middle class” said Reshma in the interview.


Source : Indiaglitz 

While talking about Saravanan’s instant eviction Reshma said that she was shocked. “Saravanan sir is a genuine person. He is not a bad person. He is very transparent in expressing his views. He even suggest the Bigg Boss management to put “Beep” before uttering foul language. I felt like it could have been handled by the management in a better way.” said Reshma.

“We are busy listening to Kamal Haasan sir during the weekend episode which made us to ignore what Saravanan sir said. That’s the reason behind us not making any discussions about it further. But I realized its consequences only after coming out of the house. He could have been more careful with the words he is choosing. I think he doesn’t thinks before he speaks” she added.


Despite trying to stay out of any arguments and petty fights, Reshma’s run in the show came to an end after 42 days. For her participation, Reshma was nicknamed as “Neutral” Reshma. Apart from her, Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya and Meera Mithun have also been eliminated from the show.

Reshma made her acting debut with Masala Padam, playing the heroine opposite debutant actor Gaurav. She has subsequently appeared in several more films, notably playing a news reader in Ko 2 and a comedy role in Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran alongside Soori which gained her fame among Tamil audience. She then appeared in Girls, a Tamil and Malayalam bilingual, about illicit relationships.

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