Ever Wondered Why We Wear Watch On Our Left Hand? Here Is The Behind It!

Have you ever wondered why your first reflex is to wrap a watch on your left hand and not right? Well, this isn’t exactly a ‘usual’ thought that occurs to you every day but there are some logical explanations people try to give. One of those being – people who are ‘lefties’ will wear it on the right hand. But you my friend, are mistaken. Wearing a watch on your left wrist does have logic to it.

In earlier times, before we had smartwatches, there were pocket watches. And they were placed in the left pocket.

And when people started wearing them on the left hand (because most people were righties), it was easier to see the time while writing and working.

Plus it minimizes scratches on the glass surface.
Get it? Now you can see that not everything right in the world can actually be left! 
Source – BI


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