Ever Joked Of “Selling Your Kidney” To Buy An iPhone ?? This Guy Actually Did It In Real Life !!


A Chinese boy,Xiao Wang is so ill that he is bedridden for life.You will get astonished after hearing the reason why.Wang was just seventeen when then new iPhone 4 was launched.

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He got so fanatic about buying the new iPhone 4,that he was wiling to go any extant to acquire that thing.Apple iPhone has always been regarded as the epitome of high status quo in the society.

In 2011, the iPhone 4 was the hot new device on the market, and Apple was raking in the money.

After all, it was an instant status symbol around the globe, and everyone wanted to have it. To the point where some went much too far in their quest to buy one.

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Take Xiao Wang from China for instance. Having just turned 17 that year, he was dying to buy an iPhone 4, the hot new accessory in his high school. Unfortunately for him, his parents didn’t have the money to spare for such an expensive phone. So went ahead and secured himself some funding.

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According to local reports, the operation was performed at an underground hospital, and Wang was told that he’d be perfectly fine after a week of recovery. Of course, there’s a reason you don’t get medical procedures in those kinds of places.

As it turns out, the operation theater wasn’t properly sanitized, causing Wang to develop an infection in the remaining kidney soon after the procedure. His parents only found out what he’d done when he became deathly ill, at which point it was too late to save his remaining kidney. They weren’t able to afford the iPhone 4, but his actions forced them to shell out everything they had to keep his dialysis going.

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Now, at age 24, Wang is still bed-ridden and hooked up to the dialysis machine permanently. He did sue and receive a settlement from the shady hospital, but was never able to get another kidney.

Wang taught us something very serious indeed in a hard way. Now tell us your opinion on what you read about poor wang !!


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