Ever Heard Of ZERO RUPEES NOTE Circulating In Chennai? India’s First Currency To Eradicate Bribery!

All it takes is a ZERO
RUPEES NOTE to diminish bribery !

We all have
ended up being subjected to pay a bribe to the police to escape from a
situation of being caught. From giving a few hundreds to thousands, and getting
them tea or meals, people have given various things as a bribe. Once my friends
had even given two rupees and sodexo coupons when caught by the police for not
wearing a helmet.
We’ve always
wanted this to stop but ultimately we have been encouraging this act by giving
in to bribery. Now, this can be stopped by a very innovative initiative.
Yes, the ZERO NOTE does exist and can be used
when any police asks you for a bribe.
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Satindar Mohan Bhagat, a physics professor based in the US
invented the concept of Zero Note. Being totally vexed when asked by government
officials to pay petty bribes. He wanted to do something that could stop the
bribery but also in a not so strong but humorous way.
A non-profit
organization called 5th Pillar took
the concept from Satindar and implemented it into a working idea! It shaped
like a 50 Rs note. At the front is printed, ‘I PROMISE TO NEITHER ACCEPT NOR GIVE BRIBE’ and has contact details on the back.
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25,000 noted were printed and distributed in Chennai. After the huge success
they went on to print 2.5 million zero rupees note. It has been issued in 5
languages of India – Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.
So the next
time someone asks you for a bribe, all you have to do is give them this zero
rupees note. The cops are sure to resist you in the beginning but ultimately
have to give in to save them from the embarrassment.  😉
You can buy
the zero rupees note from here.
Also, watch
a short film based on this to know more!


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