“Enga Veetu Mapillai” Abarnathi Reacts To Arya’s Marriage With Sayyesha !! Check Out !!

CM / Updated: 2019-02-01
18:06 IST

Abarnathi is one of the contestant of “Enga Veetu mapillai” show who is loved by many though she did not reached the finals of the match making reality show. She is currently working in the movie “Jail” which has G.V Prakash in the lead role. Directed by “Angadi Theru”, “Kaaviya thalaiavan” fame Vasantha Balan, the film is on shooting progress.



As we earlier reported Kuhana Gnannasegaran, one of the 16 contestants of “Enga Veetu Mapillai” blamed Arya for ruining the image of 16 young girls by denying to marry any of them. “If you are going to marry a girl in your caste, you should not have spoiled our lives and don’t spoil another 16 contestants lives in the name of reality show again. You have already spoiled 16 other girls image and stuffs. Even they portrayed me in a negative way throughout the show.” said Kuhasini in the video who wants Arya to stop spreading the gimmicks about his marriage.

“Enga Veetu Mapillai” Contestant Thrashed Arya For Betraying 16 Girls !! Watch !!

Now Abarnathi also expressed her thoughts about the news of Arya’s marriage through a phone call in Indiaglitz. The upcoming actress firmly believes that it could be a rumour and she expects the actors to confess it themselves. “I believe that is a rumour for 99 % where they both are busy in their respective field of works. Arya won’t tell you the truth, you could call Sayyesha and ask the truth” says the actress in the audio phone call.


Source : Indiaglitz 

The show is about Actor Arya being as groom and the title winner of the show will be the bride for Arya. Having Arya as center of attraction, Actress Sangeetha hosts the show.


While there was quite some buzz about who the winner would be, Arya didn’t choose one. Saying that he might hurt the other two, Arya reasoned that it is not right to take a painful decision on a stage like this. “I am not ready to hurt any of the other two contestants by choosing one girl and leaving out the other. It might become a day of a huge shock for the other two girls, more than the happiness the chosen one gets. I am not ready to take such a painful decision on a stage like this. If I take the final call today, it might be a very frustrating day for the parents and the families of the other two girls.”


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On the work front Arya is expected to be seen in a powerful role in Surya’s “Kaappan” meanwhile Sayyesha to be seen in Vishal and Karthis’ Karuppu Raja, Vella Raja.

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