Emotional Posts Of Superstar Rajinikanth’s Online Fans Ahead Of Election Day !!

A day before the biggest event of Tamil nadu politics, online fans of Superstar Rajinikanth are expressing their dejection over their idol not taking part in the election as a party leader through video edits and write ups. A fan said that he couldn’t feel the pain all these days but realizing that the day to cast his vote has arrived makes him feel the pain of his Thalaivar’s absence in the Tamil nadu politics. A fan made compilation video of Super star Rajinikanth’s political speeches with the background of “Kannu Rendum Kalanguthaa” song from “Master” is also doing rounds in social media platforms.


On 29th of December 2020, Superstar Rajinikanth announced that he is not going to enter politics due to his health issues. The actor released a press note saying that he will involve himself in doing good to people by not participating in the electoral politics. He took the decision after “Annaththe” shooting got intervened due to four people tested positive for COVID 19 virus.


Since December 31, 2017, Rajinikanth had been sending messages to his fans about his political entry. In a meeting, he said that he will choose a young, progressive individual as chief minister candidate and will lead the party. He also said that a revolution is needed across the state for him to make his entrance into the Tamil nadu politics and added that he is not interested in just dividing votes between two major political parties.

“Let’s Change Everything, If not now, then it will never happen” are the hashtags he used to make the biggest announcement about his political stint on 3rd of December 2020. However, the actor’s health didn’t cooperate him amidst the COVID 19 virus.

After the shooting of “Annaththe” got affected due to COVID 19 virus, Rajinikanth decided not to enter politics. The actor said that he sees the interruption as a warning from the God himself. “I can’t make the revolution by just campaigning my party through social media platforms and media. Just a shooting that consisted 120 people made me to get hospitalized for 3 days. I have to meet lakhs and lakhs of people if I start a political party” Rajini said in his tweet who believed that it will cause financial and mental stress to the people who belong to his party.

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“I don’t want to make my believers scapegoat to prove that I am a man of my word. So I am announcing that I will not be starting a political party with grief. The pain I suffered while announcing this could be felt only by me” the Superstar actor said. “I will serve people without contesting in the electoral politics. I never hesitated to speak the truth.” said Rajinikanth and requested people to accept his decision.


Now, on behalf of his millions of fans, a number of Suoerstar fans are expressing their grief over their idol not taking part in the upcoming election. Posts attacking Rajinikanth fans who transformed into other party supporters are also being surfaced in the micro blogging social media site. A fan went one step ahead and said that he is not going to cast his vote this time.

Check out some fo them below :



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