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3 months ago

Parvathi of “Galatta YouTube channel” game, through her recent Instagram fame, replied to the regressive comments that surfaced under one of her recent Instagram posts. She who is also looking make a mark in Tamil film industry, slammed back the comments through which toxic online users bodyshamed her. After replying to such comments, Parvathi wondered when the mindset of our people would change like western people.


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In one of her recent posts, an Instagram user named Karthi dropped a comment saying that it would be fine if she uploads videos and photos by being a fitter person but she is flaunting her physique by resembling a “pregnant pig”.

VJ Paaru in “Sivakumaarin Sabatham”

Replying back to him, Parvathi, after capturing his comment as a screenshot to post in her story, said “Expected such filthy opinions and comments about my Tummy/ Thoppai. Why des everyone want a woman to maintain a particular shape with proper fitness ? Who are you to fix beauty standards ? As if the men who are commenting are super fit”


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Further, she went on to add “I will keep posting my pics with tummy and will keep exploring fashion with my pear shaped body. And it’s also my wish to maintain my body or not. Having tummy is normal and to post anything with my tummy out is also normal. Can’t post anything for you to feel happy.. it’s my body, my account and it’s my wish. #BodyPositivity”

Here’s the screenshot of her reply:

1 1

Further, Parvathi shared the comment of a social media user who wrote “can we
men really stop thinking that women should care about their body based on a mans perception.. For fucks sake please … Her body her choice .. no lady should selfdoubt her thinking that she needs a mans approval about her body, so stop this toxic shit and go about your chores… @Vjpaaru you gooo girlllII, …!!!”

Sharing the comment, Parvathi said “Exactly my point” :


She also shared a picture of Nike company’s outfit for obese people and wondered “The world is progressing well but don’t know when we are going to progress”

Here’s the screenshot of her story:

g 1

VJ Parvathy is known for hosting shows at Galatta YouTube channel and taking part in Zee Tamil’s “Survivors” show. She rose to fame among the Internet audience after interviewing actor, music director, filmmaker Hip Hop Aadhi. She is enjoying a huge sum of followers in social media platforms and is engaging her followers by uploading the pictures from her photoshoots with motivational quotes and with quotes that defines herself.


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She who recently made her Kollywood debut through Hip Hop Aadhi’s “Sivakumarin Sabatham”, is known for giving back to toxic followers who abuse her through online platforms. Currently, she is busy interviewing celebrity and a number of projects of her are awaiting for release.


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