Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji Replied To A Citizen Who Is Facing Power Cut In Regular Manner!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-03
12:07 IST

A tweet thread uploaded by a Twitter user about the struggles he has been facing due to regular power cut, grabbed the attention of Electricity minister Senthil Balaji. The minister immediately replied asking the individual for the phone number he has been regularly contacting the electricity office. When the user hesitated to post his number publicly, Minister asked him to contact the EB office now and suggested him to inform the officials about the conversation he just had with the minister of Electricity.


“I have been struggling due to power cut problem for the past 7 months. After the arrival of ” Minnagam”, I started complaining and the power cut reduced. After that, power cut started taking place again at night 2 and 3 and continued for hours. After that, when I called “Minnagam”, they would day that the problem is unknown and would ask me to wait” said user named Lucas Hood through his tweet.

“The power came after one hour but it continued regularly and they gave me the contact number of a local wireman. He responded to me for the first three days and started arguing with me saying that I’m calling him daily. Why should I call him nd disturb if there’s no powercut??” the user asked through his tweet.

“Next day, 30 wiremen came to my house and threatened to file a case against me in police station. After the intervention of local councillor, they said that the problem will be solved if the post in front my house gets repaired. We waited for two long months. Later, they rectified the post and there was no problem for 10 days. Now, the powercut again started. There’s no power interruption in night nowadays but we started facing several interruptions in the day time ” he further added in his post.

“If we call Minnagam, power comes for 15 minutes and they say it’s due to tripping. For how long, I could phone call and get power connection? Is there any solution for this or I should get used to it? I don’t know where to take this problem further, I got fed up talking about this. Try rectifying or I will get used to it” he concluded his tweet mentioning the division, sub division and section.

The tweet got responded by Minister Senthil Balaji himself who asked the user to share the mobile number he has been contacting “Minnagam” and also the details about the power connection.

Providing the details, the user said that he has a little bit of reluctance in sharing the mobile number and asked the minister’s permission to share it in his DM.

“Your hesitation is justifiable, my brother. Call “Minnagam” from the number you have been contacting often and mention about the conversation we just had. They will take note of it. Appropriate action will definitely be taken” the minister said and the user confirmed that he made the call as per the minister’s suggestion.

Here’s the reply of Lucas :

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