Elderly Man Made Cheap Comments About Kasthuri !! Check How She Gave Him Back !!


Kasthuri a famous actress in Tamil cinema, known for films like Indian, Tamizh Padam etc. She recently participated in Tamil Bigg Boss show as wild card contestant and got evicted in the first week she got nominated. She began her acting career in 1991 in Kollywood and has been subsequently associated with Tamil films. Prior to acting, she has been a model.

Not only for her film appearances, Kasthuri is also known for her existence in social media platforms. She never shied away to post her opinions on political happenings. Her controversial tweets and verbal spat with the followers, often grabbed the headlines.

Now an elderly man who is 60 years old according to Kasthuri, has abused her during an argument. As the Twitter user deleted his tweet after it went viral, screenshot of it doing rounds in the same platforms.

Check it out here :


On seeing this tweet from the man, Kasthuri who never expected such words from him, in her official twitter account wrote “This is an elderly man i know on twitter. 60+. He calls me ‘child’ while talking to me. So imagine my shock finding this tweet slut shaming me ! What a depraved Jekyll and Hyde. Hypocrites, dont look for ur honor in our hymens. I am not ashamed of my clothes, I am ashamed of u!”

Check out her tweet below :

Followed by this Kasthuri added another tweet saying that she is disciplined , no matter who believes. “Abusers who abuse women with abusive words have no rights to talk about the purity of women. I guess they couldn’t find it in their home” She said in the next tweet.

The actress also said that the man who abused her is very well known to her and never expected such thing from him.

What do you think on these bold statements of the actress ?? Comment your views !!


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