Drunk Woman Abused, Attacked & Kicked A Cop!! Video Went Viral

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9 months ago

In a shocking video that is doing rounds in social media platforms, an allegedly drunk woman abused a police officer and kicked him. The incident which took place in Mumbai, India has created ruckus among the public and the video is going viral with many demanding severe punishment for the girl as she disrespected a policeman who was in his uniform.

According to reports, the incident took place on 25th of March while the unidentified woman along with her 2 friends was traveling in a cab after attending a late night party in Mumbai.

Reports suggests that the accused woman who was allegedly consumed excess amount of alcohol during the incident, started abusing the can driver during the ride and also tried taking control of the car by pushing the driver aside.

A police officer who was supervising the area, reached the place after noticing the ruckus. Not stopping there, the accused held one of the officers by his collar and threatened him as per the reports that surfaced.

The incident came to light after the video recorded by the cab driver and other passerby went viral on social media platforms. A series of videos that are being shared in the online medium, she could be seen rolling and sleeping on the roads. In one of the videos, she could even be seen swearing at the cab driver as well as the Mumbai Police.

Even after being warned by the Police officers of facing dire consequences, the woman was unstoppable. One of the videos showed the woman bragging about nothing would happen to her even if the police and media were called.

Watch the video below :

Credits : Polimer

A legal case has been registered against all the three girls for disturbing public law and order under the influence of alcohol. In the meantime, the video is being widely shared in the internet with netizens condemning the woman who was trying to kick a police officer and showed his obscene gestures.

Check out some of the reactions below :

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