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Drunk TT Misbehaved With Woman Viral Video has emerged on social media platforms depicting a disturbing incident that occurred at the Krishnarajapuram railway station near Bengaluru. A female passenger claimed that a ticket examiner had misbehaved with her while she was trying to exit the station, demanding that she show him her ticket. In the video, the woman can be seen shouting in distress, while the TTE asks her to present her ticket. Fellow passengers who became aware of the incident can be seen confronting the TTE, who allegedly touched the woman inappropriately.

Screenshot 2023 03 16 at 10.33.28 AM
Woman got pulled

The TTE responded arrogantly and insisted that it was his responsibility to check passengers’ tickets, demanding that the woman leave the station as soon as she showed him her ticket. The female passenger eventually showed her ticket, after which she broke down in tears, accusing the railway employee of harassment. The crowd gathered around them held the TTE, who attempted to flee the scene.

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According to reports, one of the passengers suggested that the TTE was drunk, leading to an uproar among the crowd. They requested the woman to contact the police when they learned that the TTE was intoxicated. Finally, another TTE arrived on the scene to calm the situation.

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Argument between Woman and TT

The Railway authorities took swift action after the video went viral on social media. The Railway department suspended the TTE and launched an investigation into the incident. The Railways released a statement after the incident, stating that the HWH SMVB Express, Train number 22863, is a weekly Humsafar express that does not stop at the Krishnarajapuram station. It went on to say that the TTE in the video was Santosh of KJM station and not an onboard TTE. The statement claimed that Santosh was drunk while on duty and that he had pulled the lady passenger out of the train when it stopped.

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The railway authorities’ prompt response to the incident highlights their commitment to passenger safety and their ability to act swiftly in the face of wrongdoing. The suspension of the TTE in question sends a strong message that such actions will not be tolerated, and any employee found guilty of misconduct will be held accountable.

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TT was escaping from that situation

Passenger safety should always be a top priority, and any instances of harassment or inappropriate behavior should be reported and dealt with immediately. It is essential to create a culture of accountability and responsibility among railway employees, ensuring that passengers can travel safely and without fear. The incident at Krishnarajapuram station serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in the railway industry.

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In addition to this, a shocking incident took place on the Akal Takht Express traveling from Amritsar to Kolkata. An intoxicated Ticket Examiner (TT) reportedly urinated on a woman who was traveling with her husband. The husband was able to apprehend the TT when the wife raised the alarm, and he was handed over to the GRP upon reaching Charbagh. The TT was taken into custody by the GRP, and according to reports, he was inebriated when he committed the heinous act. The incident has caused outrage, and it is a stark reminder of the need for better screening and accountability of railway staff.

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Woman who pulled from train

The incident at Krishnarajapuram station was a concerning and unacceptable event, but the swift action taken by the railway authorities sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. It is essential to create a culture of accountability, responsibility, and professionalism among railway employees to ensure that passengers can travel safely and without fear.

Watch the video here :


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