“Don’t Leak Outside Information” – Bigg Boss Warned This Contestant

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3 months ago

Contestants who got evicted from the show after receiving less number of votes from the audience, are making their come back into the house as guests. Followed by ADK, Azeem, Shanthi and Dhanalakshmi, Manikandan entered the house lately. While he was speaking to Azeem about how fans are making video cuts for him and boosting him, Bigg Boss issued a strict warning, ordering him not to leak the outside information to the contestants.

Earlier, Bigg Boss warned Dhanalakshmi not to talk to contestants about what’s happening outside the Bigg Boss house after Asal Kolaru behaved harshly with ADK. However, Dhanalakshmi kept talking about the reaction of fans and other things that were happening outside the Bigg Boss house. On Thursday, Manikantan entered the Bigg Boss house as a guest and he warned Dhanalakshmi for leaking outside information to contestants.


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Moments later, while talking to Azeem, talked about how fans are involved in edits and cuts to boost the contestants. He also advised Azeem to stay the way was staying weeks ago instead of losing interest and going unnoticed. At that time, Bigg Boss intervened and warned Manioanta to not leak outside informations.

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Later, Bigg Boss gave one final warning to the visitors as well.

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Here’s some of the reactions Manikanta’a behavior received :

Bigg Boss is a reality game show that is being hosted by political party leader, actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan. The show will see 20 plus plus celebrity contestants locked into a house with weekly elimination based on audience’s vote. The one who survives till the 100th day with highest number of votes will be announced as the winner. So far, aspiring model and actor Aarav, “Madras” fame Riythvika, Malaysia based singer Mugen, Actor Aari, TV star Raju have won the titles.

In the ultimate version of the show which was partly hosted by Silambarasan, Balaji Murugadoss won the title. The Bigg Boss house is located in EVP film city, Poonammalle. The house includes a garden, pool, activity area and gym. It also contains two large bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, a storeroom, a smoking room, a jail, and four bathrooms. There is also a room exists named confession room where all private conversations between the housemates and Bigg Boss occur. The house is believed to prohibit television, telephones, internet and clocks.


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