“I Do Tik Tok Too”- Mia Khalifa’s Emotional Message !!

Popular personality Mia Khalifa constantly asking media portals and social media users not to identify her as a Porn actress. The actress claims that she worked in Porn film industry only for 3 months between October and December of the year 2014. She says that she worked in various other fields after leaving the Porn industry and wants her followers and media to identify her through one of those fields.


Mia Khalifa, a popular face among the youngsters across the world, is currently boasting her six packs through her Instagram account in which she enjoys more than 2 crores followers. She who is known for working in the pornagraphic industry for a long time, left it after finding herself in a controversy for performing sexual acts wearing the Islamic hijab in a video. After leaving that career, Mia transformed into a social media personality and webcam model. She is also doing sports commentary.


The actress who willingly became a part of the porn film industry, now wants her videos to be deleted from all the adult sites. Despite making only 11 porn videos during her three month career, Mia Khalifa became the most searched star of in Porn hub in the year 2019. In a latest stats, released by Pornhub, Mia grabbed a top spot, despite making no new contents for past five years. A petition titled “Justice For Mia” which seeks to scrub the videos of the actress, already gained over 1.6 million signatures.

Now, addressing the issue, Mia came up with a tweet listing the jobs she did after leaving porn film industry. She says that she worked in all those fields for more time than she worked in the porn film industry. The actress says that she hosted a sports show, Twitch streamed, running a Youtube channel, Sports punditry, Sports betting punditry, Another sports show, Social media marketings, App developing, Tik Tok using and Activism.


She further slammed the media outlets which are adding the title “Pornstar” in front of her name. “You have a direct hand in making my past inescapable, to the point of doing so even when you’re writing about me fighting my exploiters.” she wrote in her tweet. She also asked whether the media outlets who are calling her as “Pornstar” in their stories and requesting her for interview are dumb.

Here’s her tweets :

However, many of her followers who commented on her post, said that she will be remembered only as “Pornstar” as she became famous through that. Few of them advised her to embrace the fact.

Check out some of their reactions below :


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