Dominos Delivery Guy Messaged A Girl After Delivering Her Pizzas?? Screenshots Goes Viral

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Dominos delivery guy named Kabir on Twitter. Kanishka expressed her concerns about Kabir’s behavior, alleging that he misused her contact number and address for personal reasons. This incident raises serious ethical concerns and highlights the need for companies like Domino’s to prioritize customer privacy and data protection. Following Kanishka’s complaint, Domino’s swiftly took action to address the issue. This article delves deeper into the incident, discussing the implications of such privacy breaches, the responsibility of companies, and the importance of trust in the era of digital transactions.

Dominos Delivery Guy

According to Kanishka’s Twitter post, she ordered pizzas from Domino’s and received a call from the delivery person, Kabir, asking for directions to her location. While this seems like a normal interaction, Kanishka believes that Kabir’s intention was not solely to deliver the pizzas but to obtain her contact information for personal reasons.

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Kanishka raises the question of whether it is ethical for a delivery person to misuse a customer’s contact number and address for personal gain. Regardless of Kabir’s intentions, the fact that he utilized the contact details entrusted to Domino’s for delivery purposes is a clear violation of customer trust. Customers provide their information to companies like Domino’s with the expectation that it will be used solely for the purpose of delivering the requested products.

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The incident highlighted by Kanishka emphasizes a significant breach of trust by both Kabir and Domino’s. As a customer, Kanishka had faith in Domino’s to handle her personal information securely. The incident has now left her feeling vulnerable and concerned about her privacy and safety.


While individual employees must be held accountable for their actions, it is also the responsibility of companies like Domino’s to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer data. Companies should implement stringent policies and training programs to educate their employees on the ethical use of customer information. Additionally, strict monitoring and supervision mechanisms should be in place to prevent such breaches and hold employees accountable.

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Following Kanishka’s complaint on Twitter, Domino’s swiftly responded to address the issue. The company acknowledged the seriousness of the incident and issued an official statement expressing regret and concern. Domino’s assured Kanishka and its customers that they take privacy and data protection seriously and would conduct a thorough investigation.

Within a short period, Domino’s identified the delivery boy in question, Kabir, and terminated his employment due to his violation of customer privacy. The company expressed its commitment to rectifying the situation and emphasized that such incidents are not reflective of their values or standard operating procedures.


In today’s digital era, where personal information is increasingly shared with various companies during transactions, trust becomes a vital component of customer-company relationships. Customers must have confidence that their data will be handled responsibly and protected from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Here is the tweet below:

WhatsApp Image 2023 06 30 at 3.40.44 PM

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Companies like Domino’s need to prioritize data protection and establish robust security measures to safeguard customer information. This includes implementing data encryption, regular security audits, and comprehensive privacy policies. Furthermore, companies should provide avenues for customers to report privacy concerns and ensure that appropriate action is taken promptly.

Here is the tweets below:

The incident involving the Domino’s delivery boy, Kabir, misusing a customer’s contact information highlights the significance of trust and ethical conduct in business transactions. Kanishka’s complaint resonates with customers’ concerns about privacy and data protection. It is commendable that Domino’s took immediate action to address the issue and terminated Kabir’s employment. However, incidents like this underscore the need for companies to be proactive in protecting customer information and fostering a culture of trust. By prioritizing privacy and data security, companies can maintain customer loyalty and uphold ethical standards in their operations.

Update : Dominos terminated the employee who sent messages to the girl through Whatsapp. In an official statement, the pizza delivering company said “We are deeply concerned to hear about this incident. As a responsible corporate entity, Domino’s India maintains an unequivocal commitment to a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of misconduct or harassment. Upon being apprised of the incident, we immediately delved into the matter. Guided by pertinent laws and our company’s policies, we have initiated the process to terminate the employment of the individual involved.We will provide our full cooperation with the concerned authorities in the investigation. As a customer-first organization, we stand by our commitment to do the right thing for our customers”


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