Doctor Sharmila’s Sharp Answer To A Community Related Question Wins Internet !!

Along with many other cinema celebrities, politicians and influential personalities from various other fields, Dr. Sharmila who is known among public for her appearance in Tamil Television and cinema, has been raising voice against the sexual harassment that took place against the female students in Padma Sheshadri bala Bhavan school. Now, a tweet she uploaded answering to the most asked question to her, has garnered the attention of the internet audience with positive reactions.


“PLEASE ARREST #Rajagopalan and PLEASE TAKE STRICT DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST THE #management of #psbb FOR TURNING A BLIND EYE TOWARDS THE COMPLAINTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNI” Sharmila raised her voice against the school management and said “They knew but never lifted a finger against him…now when the issue has become viral on social media….they are suspending him…SHAME ON YOU #psbbschool ….it’s your bloody duty to protect your students’ rights ….YOU FAILED BIG TIME” reacting to the first response of the school management.


Doctor Sharmila has been constantly sharing tweets, condemning the school management and the teacher. On seeing her online activities, many of them seemingly asked her why she is opposing the school owned by Brahmins while she herself being one. Replying to them, Doctor posted a tweet saying “Do Brahmins have horns ? No one is superior by birth. The humanity one displays and his/ her good attributes increases their value. I want my humanity and social justice as my identity and not my caste” Sharmila said in her tweet and went on to add “I don’t take pride in being identified by my caste…I rather prefer to be known for my work and contribution to society” in her tweet.

Doctor Sharmila

“பலர் என்னை கேட்கும் கேள்வி : நீங்கள் பிறப்பால் பிராமணர் தானே…நீங்களே இப்படி பேசலாமா??! பதில்: பிராமணன்னா பெரிய கொம்பா.பிறப்பால் உயர்ந்தவன் எவனுமே கிடையாது.ஒருவரின் மனிதமும் நற்பண்பும் தான் அவரை உயர்த்தும். மனிதமும், சமூகநீதியுமே எனது அடையாளமாக இருக்க வேண்டுமே தவிர என் ஜாதியல்ல. I don’t take pride in being identified by my caste…I rather prefer to be known for my work and contribution to society” Dr. Sharmila’s tweet read.

Check out her tweet below :

Check out some of the replies she provided to her followers :


Dr. Sharmila who pursued MBBS degree, started her television career through a quiz show in Jaya TV. Followed by it, she hosted a celebrity talk show and did shows along with reputed psychiatrist Dr. N. Mathrubootham. She went to act in serials and also acted as a supporting artist in a number of films. She shared screen space with actors Ajith, Dhanush and many others during her acting stint.


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