Doctor Sharmika Getting Trolled For Her Comment On Beef Eating!!

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3 months ago

Doctor Sharmika who is known for providing health tips to people through YouTube videos and interviews, became a subject to severe criticism after making a statement on eating beef. She claimed that the domestic animal is bring considered as a “God” and people in India couldn’t digest a bigger animal like that.

The Siddha-Ayurvedic doctor recently grabbed headlines after singer Chinmayi made a video based on one of her claims. Sharmika replied back to the video of Chinmayi saying that could have been more polite while expressing her views. Also Read : “Her Expressions Were Irritating” – Doctor Sharmika On Chinmayi’s Video

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Now, her video on eating beef is being widely circulated in social media platforms with many users of it criticizing her. In the viral video, she could be seen saying “Beef is something we see as a God. We shouldn’t eat it. This is non-scientific” to the host.

“Another thing is, in India, as per our DNA, we couldn’t digest a bigger animal than us. We can eat smaller animals such as chichen, mutton and others. But we shouldn’t eat bigger animals than us” she further said.

Watch the video below :

The video didn’t go well among many of the users who use social media platforms. “Beef is being consumed all over the world. Not sure where she is getting this info. DaisyRani – you should ask your daughter to get her facts checked” a user commented whereas another one said “Largest export/imported meat in the world is beef”

Check out some of the reactions below :


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