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Doctor Raped & Burnt Alive !! Entire Internet Demands Immediate Justice !!



Doctor Raped & Burnt Alive !! Entire Internet Demands Immediate Justice !!

A twenty six year old doctor who went missing since wednesday found dead at Shadnagar. This news indeed shook the entire country as many citizens raised voice against the culprits. The veterinarian doctor suspected to have been raped and murdered by four people including a lorry driver and cleaner. The news of the incident happened in Hyderabad is spreading like wildfire across the country.


Family members of the victim allegedly informed that Priyanka called them the last night around 9:30 PM and said that her bike tyre was punctured and locals offered her help. They allegedly took her bike by saying that they will get it repaired and never returned. When Priyanka called her home and informed about it, her sister, Bhavya reddy suggested her to move into a more crowded area like toll booth to be safe. When the family contacted her again, her phone was switched off and the worried family went to place mentioned by Priyanka but couldn’t find her which made them to file a complaint in local police station immediately, around 11 in the night.

The next morning Priyanka’s body was charred beyond recognition in a devastated way and the family abled to identify Priyanka only through the Ganesh locket she was wearing. The body was sent to post mortem and the investigation is underway.

priyanka reddy

Police recovered Priyanka’s footwear, clothes and liquor bottles near Toll Plaza where she parked her vehicle. Police officers who are investigating the case by going through the CCTV footages, also suspect that the tyre of Priyanka’s two wheeler was punctured deliberately.


This news shook the entire country and many are demanding an immediate punishment for the killers.


Recent update says that the police officers of Cyberabad arrested the culprits of the case. The reports suggests that they have arrested four and will produce them in front of media soon.

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