Doctor Made An Inappropriate Comment On Nayan’s Marriage!! Chinmayi Exposed Him

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10 months ago

Singer Chinmayi who is known for calling out the men who harass/disrespect/demean women in any way, recently, exposed a Doctor Who made a lewd comment on actress Nayanthara’s marriage. Exposing his Facebook handle, Chinmayi termed the comment of him as “crappy”. Further, Chinmayi addressed about how male Doctors are demanding dowry using their job title and the harassment female doctors go through.


On Thursday, actress Nayanthara and her long time boyfriend Vignesh Shivan who is a filmmaker, couple married in Mahabalipuram, Chennai. It has been reported that Superstar Rajinikanth handed over the mangalsuthra to Vignesh shivan to tie the knot. Actor Vijay, Shah Rukh Khan, Suriya, Ajith kumar, Karthi and many other important celebrities from Indian film industry participated in the event to bless the most loved couple of Kollywood town.

Enormous number of fans in internet wished the couple for their union as husband and wife as they were in a romantic relationship for the past 7 years. However, few toxic online users spewed hatred at the couple and made derogatory comments by criticizing them personally.


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An online user named Arivanban Thiruvalluvan who claims to be a Doctor, made a comment saying that it is not the right age to become mother for Nayanthara. “Tempted to comment.  . though respect her acting skills but pity on her to make a family and kids at the age of nearing 40 paati vayasula… Hope IVF centres can help her” read the comment of the online user.

Here’s the screenshot of his comment :


Sharing the screenshot of the Doctor’s comment and his profile, singer Chinmayi said “We happened to be speaking about sexism in Medical colleges and the gender bias female doctors, surgeons face on my Instagram page and I got this sent this. A female actor gets married and this amazing doctor immediately leaves this crappy comment” through her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :

Further, Chinmayi shared a number of other screenshots and exposed the harassment that female doctors are going through and about how male doctors are demanding dowry using their job title.

Here’s her other tweets :

Check out some of the reactions her tweet received :


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