Do You Buy PediaSure For Kids In Your Family?Here’s How It Is Harmful


Well, there
many a health drinks in market for children these days. And parents must be
quite confused to which one they should choose for their kids! With all the
misleading ads and promising stars endorsing a brand, we blindly choose what
seems good for us and believe it truly is healthy for the child.

But is it
really true? Are they really healthy as they claim to be? We don’t know, do we?
And to top it all, when there is a mishap and the customer care fails to notice
our queries, the decision of choosing that particular brand becomes all the
more questionable!
One such
product, PEDIASURE has gotten into
this worrisome decision. A parent had purchased PediaSure, Vanilla flavour from
MedPlus, medical store. On opening it, she had smelt a foul smell emanating
from the jar. and absolutely no smell of vanilla in it!
Not knowing
what to do, she took back to MedPlus to enquire about this. But they had said
that they have no idea about this and they simply sell the product.
immediately called the customer care and was left with no response. She then
sent them a mail regarding the same but to be faced with no response again. She
now feels really bad for giving this drink for the past 7 months and guilty for
not knowing if she has given the right supplement for her kid.
has no proper customer care to handle such queries or complaints by customers. It’s
pathetic to know that such a huge brand is being so negligent and has no
concern whatsoever while dealing with the nutrition and heath supplements of
small children.
To all the
parents out there, be careful and check twice before giving your child anything
to eat or drink. Make sure you give them the proper food and supplement that’s
not adulterated and is highly original.

we do hope you take notice of this and do something regarding the same. If on
thing that you should do, it is to answer your customers’ queries and not make
them doubt your authenticity!  


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