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Director Venkat Prabhu Replied To Criticisms !!



Director Venkat Prabhu Replied To Criticisms !!

Director Venkat Prabhu who is known for making quality movies, recently made direct OTT content “Live Telecast”. On the evening of Friday, the filmmaker conducted an interaction session with his followers in order to know about the flaws he made in his recently released OTT content. To the fans who criticized the content, the filmmaker, without losing his nerves, replied in a calm manner and tried discovering his flaws.


Venkat Prabhu made the sequel of his sports drama Chennai 28 in 2016 and didn’t see a release since then. He was committed in a project named “Maanadu” of actor Simbu and “Live Telecast” which stars Kajal Agarwal, Vaibhav, “Kayal” Aanandhi got directly released on Hotstar online streaming application.


Days after the release of the series, a report surfaced saying that the series became the least watched Hotstar original content. A social media portal named “Lets OTT Global” which is known for providing updates on OTT contents, said “Live telecast becomes the least watched Hotstar original” the post read.


Venkat Prabhu received heavy criticism for the way “Live Telecast” was made. Many fans expressed their disappointment over the series through their comments in social media platforms. Meanwhile, the filmmaker himself came up with a video clipping from the film and tried discovering about the flaws he made through his followers.

The filmmaker asked all the reviewers and viewers to answer on why they are not accepting a tamil horror content which doesn’t contains a flashback. “You people are accepting films such as “Conjuring”, “Anabelle” but why are are you not accepting a tamil horror content that doesn’t contains flashback ?” Venkat Prabhu asked through his tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

To this tweet, many fans asked various kind of questions and the filmmaker answered to them in a calm manner. A follower compared VP’s “Live Telecast” with Kaanchana 2 and filmmaker replied to him asking the story if the Lawrence directorial. Another fan said that Venkat Prabhu is not accepting criticism and the filmmaker replied to him saying that he just wants to discover what audience didn’t like in his content.

Check out some of the replies of the filmmaker below :


Have you watched the series yet ?? Comment your views on these replies made by the filmmaker to his followers !!

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