Director Perarasu Countered Vetri Maaran’s Recent Speech !! WATCH

Director Perarasu who is known for directing movies of actors Vijay and Ajith, countered the recent speech of “Asuran” maker Vetri Maaran in the birthday event of VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan. Being a member of party BJP,  Perarasu expressed his anger over Vettri Maaran for questioning the religion of king “Raja Raja Chozhan”. He said Vettri Maaran is not even a human, pointing out his atheist ideology.

During his speech, Vetri Maaran alleged that many identities of Tamil people are being erased slowly. “The art is for the people and the reflection of people is the art” the filmmaker said in the event. So, the art form should be handled with care. Already many of our identities of being erased” he further added.


“Be it cladding Thiruvalluvar Saffrom cloth, or presenting King Raja Raja Chozhanas a Hindu king, such things has already started happening. This will happen in cinema and many identities are already being removed from the cinema. We should protect our identities” Vetri Maaran said in the event.

During his speech, Vetri also talked about his meeting with the VCK leader prior the shooting of “Asuran” in order to make the movie politically right. The director concluded his speech confirming that he would never join BJP party. Watch the video below :

Countering the speech of the national award winning filmmaker, Perarasu expressed his frustration by asking why an atheist like Vetri Maaran is involving in the religious issues. “They are degrading our Hindu Gods and Hindu religion, If we reply to that, they brand us as “religiously obsessed”. We are not asking you to pray to God, then why are you torturing those who pray to God ?” Perarasu asked.

“Vetri Maaran is not happy with Raja Raja Chozhan being shown as a Hindu ? Who he is then ? A Christian ? Is he a Muslim ?” Perarasu questioned. “People who devote to a particular God in a religion, is ok with devoting all the other Gods. But Atheists are finding problems over Hindu religion. You are not even a human them. The one who hurts the sentiments of others are not even human beings” Perarasu further said.


“A true Atheist will find problem in all the religion but fake atheists will find only problem in Hindu religion. A fake atheist is more dangerous than a fake Godmen. An atheist shouldn’t be biased over religions” the filmmaker added.

Watch the video below :


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