Director Parthiban Replied To Blue Sattai’s Criticism !!

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8 months ago

Director Parthiban, “Iravin Nizhal” of whom got released recently, is currently busy promoting the film by visiting theatres and being active in social media platforms. On Friday, the actor cum filmmaker replied to the criticism made by famous movie reviewer “Blue satta” Maaran. Parthiban said that Maaran could have made the remark directly to himself instead of posting it publicly and also added that he still respects him.


“Iravin Nizhal” was released on 15th of July and the makers promoted the film saying that it’s World’s First Non-Linear film that was shot on single shot. Denying the same, Maaran, in his review, said that an Iranian film named “Fish and Cat” which was released in the year 2013 was the first non-linear single shot film.

Maaran also criticized the film saying that it was shot unnecessarily in single take and the film has nothing to offer anything to the audience. Here’s his review video :

Maaran also added a tweet in his twitter timeline, denoting about the same. “Parthiban claims that Iravin Nizhal is WORLD’S FIRST non linear singe shot film. But that is not true. It was Iranian film Fish & Cat 2013. World’s reputed film magazine agrees the same: Fish & Cat experiments with nonlinear narrative” said Maaran through his tweet.

Here’s his tweet :

Responding to the same, Parthiban who acted, directed and written the film, came up with a series of tweets in his twitter timeline. “I have seen the negative review of “Blue Satta” Maaran and recommending people to watch the film even after watching his review” Parthiban said through his tweet.

“The film he mentioned didn’t come under non-linear category in Google. Even Today. I am not an intellectual genius like him. I have showed the film to the film critic experts such as Mr. Saibal Chatterji and confirmed myself” the filmmaker said in his second tweet.

“I have been advertising the film as “World’s First Non-linear film” for the past one year and he could have said about the fact to me even when I called him 15 days ago to invite him for the premiere of my film. He could have reformed me and stopped me from cheating people” Parthiban further said.

In the end, the filmmaker revealed that he didn’t go to the premiere of Blue Satta’s debut directorial “Anti Indian” even after he was invited and concluded his tweets saying that he still respects him as he became a filmmaker.

Comment your views on Parthiban’s reply to the criticism of Blue Satta Maaran !!


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