Director Naveen Exposed Sathish!!

Director Naveen of “Moodar Koodam” fame exposed actor Sathish over the Dharsha Gupta issue. The filmmaker pointed out the tweet made by Dharsha after the clarification and also expressed his thoughts over the way Sathish mentioned him in his clarification video. However, the filmmaker deleted his initial tweet but the continuation tweet about Dharsha’s post still exists in his timeline.


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On seeing the video of comedy actor Sathish making inappropriate comment about the attire of Dharsha Gupta, Naveen uploaded a tweet in his timeline saying “Sunny Leone appearing on screen without clothes and Dharsha Gupta appearing on stage by wearing the clothes of her own choice, is their personal wish. Even if you decide what your wife should wear, it is wrong”

Here’s his tweet :

Reacting to controversy, Sathish came up with a clarification video saying that Dharsha Gupta was the one who asked him to talk that way on stage. He released the video after receiving widespread criticism across Tamil internet users including singer Chinmayi, Director Naveen, Doctor cum actress Sharmila, Singer Srinivas.

“Dharsha Gupta said to me that she wore a modern dress competing Sunny Leone and was eagerly waiting to see what she was going to be wearing. After seeing her wearing a half saree, she got upset and expressed it to me. When I said it’s a good point, she asked me to tell it in the stage, only after she said it to me, I shared the same on the stage” Sathish said in the clarification video.

Watch the video below :

Here’s how Naveen reacted to Sathish’s clarification :

However, Dharsha Gupta, through a reply tweet, had expressed her denial to Sathish’s statement. Terming Sathish’s clarification as “strange”, Dharsha asked “would anyone ask others to talk in a bad way in stage? It did hurt me but I didn’t expose my emotions much but talking in this way is not good’ she said.

“Sathish is this good way to turn on me, that I asked u to tell like this in stage? It’s very strange. Yaaravathu enna pathi, stage neenga asingama pesunganu solluvangala?? Enakum annaiku avlo hurt uh tha irunthuchu, but na atha perusa kaatikala. But ipo ipadi solrathu, not good” read her reply.

Check out her tweet below :

On seeing the same, Naveen came up with couple of other tweets, calling Sathish out for victim blaming. He also said that he could stay as “Moodar” (referring to Sathish’s clarification video) but don’t want to be a wise person like Sathish who said that it’s just a friendly banter between himself and Dharsha instead of asking apology.

In his next tweet, Naveen wrote “Sathish says it’s just a friendly banter between two friends but Dharsha Gupta posted saying that it did hurt her”

Here’s his tweet :



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