The 90s CARTOON Which We Were All Addicted To !!

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Who doesn’t
love Cartoons! They made our days fun and interesting. Right from the time we
got back home from school till we went to bed, we were glued to the Cartoon
Network channel. Oh and the holidays… if we weren’t out playing, all our time
went in watching the awesome cartoons of our days!
Being a 90s
kid we do know how much we adored the cartoons. Why? Cause they were amazing
unlike the cartoons these days. They were funny, informative and made sure the
kids learnt something from them.
awesome-possum cartoons that we are still fond of..
Tom and Jerry

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Powerpuff Girls
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Dexters laboratory
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Adamms Family

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Johnny Bravo
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Scooby doo
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The Flinstones 
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Loony Tunes
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Courage the Cowardly Dog
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Road Runner Show
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Swat Kats
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Ninja Turtles
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The Simpsons
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Timon and Pumbaa
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Jonny Quest
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Teen Titans
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Ed, Edd and Eddy
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The Garfield Show
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These were some of the all-time favorite cartoons and I would still sit and watch them if only they bring it back on TV !!
Do comment your fav ones and other cartoons that I’ve missed out. You can even leave the link to some of your fav episodes. I will sit and watch them and thank you later 😉


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