Did You Know You Can Earn Rs.100 Everyday Without Doing Anything! Check Out How!


Many a times, while transacting in the ATM, you must have faced an issue wherein money isn’t dispensed from the ATM machine but money gets cut. But there is nothing to worry about it. You will not only get your money back, but bank would also pay you some kind of penalty.

Know how it works!

As per the directions of RBI, if the transaction fails and if anyone lodges a complaint and doesn’t get the money back within 7 working days, then as per Payment And System Act 2007, the bank would pay the customers a penalty of 100rs. Per day. However, it is mandatory for the users to lodge a complaint within 30 days.

Follow these steps to earn Rs.100 per day!

• Lodge a complaint with the bank taking your transaction statement or receipt.
• Give the ATM ID, account number, card details and transaction details. However, share these details only with the authorities of the bank.
• Don’t forget to take a written acknowledgement of the complaint, which has signature of the branch manager.
• If you lodge a complaint and money doesn’t come back within 7 days, then fill up the Annexure 5 form and give it to the manager. The day you fill up this form and give, you are entitled to the penalty.
• Even in spite of following the procedure, if you fail to get the penalty then register an online complaint with the RBI.


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