Dhoni Seeked Advice From This Tamil Actress To Join Ziva In School ??

Many people from various field are sharing their favourite moment of Mahendra Singh Dhoni that took place on and off field as he announced his retirement from International cricket on Saturday evening. The best among all is the memory shared by current Indian captain Virat Kohli who uploaded a couple of videos of himself with Dhoni on field. Kohli cherished the understanding they both shared during the matches and said that Dhoni will always be his skipper.

Many others including fans and cinema celebrities did the same by sharing their favourite moments with the former skipper. Meanwhile, a video clipping of Tamil actress Kasthuri saying that Dhoni seeked advice from her on joining Ziva in school goes viral in Twitter with hilarious captions.

Kasthuri is known for acting in several tamil films and participated in the Tamil reality game show named as “Bigg Boss”. In the year 2018, she uploaded a picture in her official twitter account in which she can be seen talking with Dhoni.

Check out her post from 2018 here :

Now, after the cricketer announced about his retirement, Dhoni, in an interaction with a popular youtube channel, has said that she met Dhoni and talked with him last year. “At that time, we were conversing as a fellow parents.” said Kasthuri who further added that Dhoni asked her suggestion on which school Ziva should be joined.

“He asked me on which school Ziva should be joined and about the scoldings of his wife Sakshi. I was talking as a mother of my children and he was talking as Ziva’s father” Kasthuri says in the video. Despite of the existing probabilities, Tamil twitter users couldn’t accept what Kasthuri said which resulted in severe troll. They compared her with politician Seeman who is believed to be lying about his relationship with LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

Check out some of their reactions below :

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