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Dhoni Said “No” To An Autograph For A Fan, Check What Virat Did There !!



Dhoni Said “No” To An Autograph For A Fan, Check What Virat Did There !!

Virat Kohli is known for his heartwarming gestures; time and again, he wins our hearts with some or the other good deed.


He displayed a brilliant example of the same in England before the ODI of India v/s England at Headingley. As you all know, fans are crazy for their favorite cricketers and always wish to get autographs and selfies with them.

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A crazy fan of Dhoni tried hard to get his autograph but he refused. Well, the lady tried taking autographs of other Indian players too, but they all ignored and left. There was just one player who went up to her and happily gave his autograph; he’s none other than the man with golden heart Kohli.


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He fulfilled the lady’s wish and brought a smile to her face with an autograph. BCCI shared the video on Twitter and since then, everyone is loving Kohli all the more.

Watch the video;


Here’s what fan thought of Virat Kohli’s gesture :

There are also rumours which suggested that the woman was a hotel staff and standing there to count the players. But why ? Hotel staffs does not supposed to have their own favourites ? Can’t they wish for an autograph from her favourite players ??

Well , what do you think on Virat’s gesture ??

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