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CM / Updated: 2022-08-01
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Followed by music director Santhosh Narayanan, Singer Dhee opened on the ongoing “Enjoy Enjaami” issue by releasing a long note through her official Instagram handle. Resemblig the press note of her father and musician Santhosh Narayanan, Dhee said that the song was made by all the three of them and the revenue is being shared by them equally. She also credited director Manikandan and said that she always wanted Arivu’s voice to be heard loud and never tried to steal the show from him.


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Dhee, further mentioned that Arivu was in US while the inaugural function of prestigious 44th Chess Olympiad function took place in Chennai and couldn’t perform at the same with Dhee and Kidakuzhi Mariyammal. The emerging singer said that Enjoy Enjaami” will always be as a song that made o bring people together to always remain that way. The video song is currently streaming in the youtube platform with 450 plus million views. Arivu, in his post, said that the song belongs to him and said that anyone could snatch someone’s work while asleep but not when awake.

It all started after Arivu came up with a post in his official Instagram handle, mentioning about “Enjoy Enjaami” being solely made by him. The post came from the independent artist after Dhee performed for it at the Chess event along with singer Kidakuzhi Mariyammal in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister MK Stalin and thousands of other guests.

Here’s the performance of Dhee and Arivu :


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“Enjoy Enjaami was created with the purest intention of bringing us closer to each
other and the life around us. To acknowledge, celebrate and protect. The song’s core is
about an ancient Tamil society that lived one with nature and worshipped “Panja Bhootham” (the five elements) and lived free of the adversities that came with
manmade divisions (caste, religion, etc). They are our roots. This song is a reminder
and a call to that time. That this earth belongs to all life, not just humans, and our
collective responsibility in protecting and preserving the carth and all life forms. I
remain hopeful that this song will lead us on a search for our roots and embrace them” said Dhee in her post.

“I have full control over what I say, do, and the things I share on my social media and I
have always made sure I give credits to Arivu as the writer/singer and Santhosh
Narayanan as the producer/composer at every point. I have proudly spoken about them, specifically Arivu, every chance I got. At no point have I diminished or downplayed both of their importance in Enjoy Enjaami. I’ve only ever wanted to celebrate, and highlight their work and I’ve been doing that at every step and stage. I don’t have any control over the way our work is being shared and promoted by external sources. Director Manikandan has contributed immensely to the making of this song and his movie Kadaisi Vivasayi is the driving force behind Enjoy Enjaami, I have always acknowledged this at every step” she further said.


“Enjoy enjaami’s lyrical structure, and the premise was heavily discussed and curated
within the team and we were all on the same page till the song was released.
Valliammal paati’s presence in the video was an homage to signify that we are a smú
6JLl spsb. Most of the current meanings and narrative behind our song, I came to
only learn after each one of Arivu’s interviews dropped post-release.
I only wanted Arivu’s voice to be heard the loudest. As I believe what he has to say is
important and it deserves front and centre. All revenues and ownership of our song are
shared equally amongst the three of us. I’ve only ever to wanted to experience every
milestone surrounding Enjoy Enjaami with Arivu and Santhosh Narayanan and if or
when an opportunity feels ill-intended, unjust, or condones any form of inequality, I
will not be a part of it” she said.

“About the Olympiad chess performance, the event organisers approached Arivu and
me to perform for the event but as he was not available and in the US, we played his
voice track for the performance. He was spoken about at the event for his words and
his performance of Enjoy enjaami. Though this whole thing has been interpreted in many different ways, I am consoled by the importance of what this conversation means in an ongoing battle, and what role it plays in the process of revolution. I’m ready and I have always been ready to sit down and have a conversation about this with all parties involved either publicly or privately, with or without media with an unbiased mediator” post of the singer said.


“My only wish is for the song’s very purpose which was to bring people together to
always remain that way. Enjoy Enjaami was born out of our love and respect for this earth, life, the roots, people, and each other as co-artists and friends. To me, it will always remain that way. The truth will always prevail” she concluded.

Check out her post below :


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